VENUS – Freaky Friday

For the briefest moment the intro is ‘Money For Nothing’ (Dire Straits), and then thankfully it isn’t. ‘Freaky Friday’ does have some 80’s leanings however – the blistering guitars and huge power vocal are State-side stadium rock from that glorious era for starters.

Along the way a brooding sonic expanse filled with angst and veiled rage builds to a tempestuous outpouring of emotion and febrile relief. Singer Grace Kelly is a tortured soul but fighting back fully expressing the emotion in the unfettered style of Stevie Nicks (minus the Larry The Lamb warble), the laced rage of Joan Jett, and the shear dynamic range of Ann Wilson – and all done with a lung capacity to shame an Olympic swimmer.

‘Freaky Friday’ is a tour de force of Ghum-like atmospheric introspection and classic-rock grandeur. Great stuff.

VENUS play The Sunflower Lounge for Indie Midlands on November 4th. You can tickets here.