Village Bully – Lift

Village Bully, the project of former Echo Beach! singer/bass player Paige Janey, today releases sophomore single ‘Lift’.

Shimmery guitars set the tone for this majestic shoegazey number that is a slow, dreamy ride topped off with the sweet, heartfelt vocals of Janey.

‘Lift’ is a touch melancholic whilst sounding hopeful at the same time. The chord change in the chorus is lush as is the lead guitar hook that plays the song to it’s finish.

“Does it make sense?” asks Janey, what does make sense is what I thought from the very first time I saw Paige Janey perform live on stage, that she is a bonafide talent with star quality and I’m excited to jump on the Village Bully bandwagon to see where it goes. You should too!

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