Violet – Wilt

With the Midlands storming Manchester and London as the hub of the up-and-coming indie scene, five piece Violet are no anomaly to this equation. Having had released three singles and with no sign of stopping, the group released ‘Wilt’ on one of the busiest music release days this year has seen, April 26th.

Driven by psych-pop guitars, Violet evidently have an ear for unparalleled vocals matched with formidable basslines. Melodic in its nature, Wilt demonstrates the packs musical versatility in comparison to 2018 singles ‘Heaven adores you’ and ‘Jaded’.

Though inimitable in its sound, Violet manages to make ‘Wilt’ a continuation of their dreamy theme that echoes through their discography thus far. Having already made its place in their set list – recently supporting George Pannell in a sold out Coventry venue – it’s destined to be a fan favourite.

Chloe Menesse