Winona – Fallen Leaves

For people who like: 90’s soft rock, Nickleback and Hinder.

WINONA – a new indie rock band from Birmingham, formed in 2018. ‘Fallen Leaves’ is their debut single. Made up of Sam Lambeth (vocals, guitar), Liam Molineaux (guitar), George Pandya (bass) and Darius Azadeh (drums). *Since the single release the band has announced that sadly due to unfortunate external circumstances they are now looking for a new drummer. If you are a drummer and like their sound you can apply here.

According to frontman Sam Lambeth ‘Fallen Leaves’ was written about thwarted ambition, redemption and transiency. It’s about trying to be a better man, about trying to find acceptance and finding your place within the world. The overall tone is at once both melancholy and hopeful. The track opens with melodic but distinctive vocals over acoustic guitar and then drops in with an emotive bass guitar and soft drums.

For a debut single, ‘Fallen Leaves’ is quite slick (which is not always a dirty word). Winona seems to have an established softer rock sound that in ‘Fallen Leaves’ has been notably well produced by Ryan Pinson, with vocals at the right levels and soaring guitars it is a well balanced sound which does justice to all the boys and their respective talents /instruments. Fans of Hinder, Nickelback, Coldplay and late 90’s soft rock should definitely check this out!

Fallen leaves is available now on iTunes and Apple Music.
Preview here.

Jasmin Salmon

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