Wire – Cactused

Wire have released seventeen albums. Yes, seventeen! The band formed in the late 70’s and have been creating eccentric and off-kilter music ever since. They’ve recorded albums that have been described as everything from ground-breaking to “almost unlistenable”, and genre hopped from Punk to Electronica to “noise rock”. The band have been name-checked as an influence from a diverse range of musicians from Robert Smith (The Cure) to Sonic Youth to R.E.M.

‘Cactused’ as you might expect is not going to be sparkly-pop but it is nonetheless accessible. The guitars bear traces of their Punk and Indie roots, the spoken word sections are unexpected and humorous. Singer Colin Newman possesses the laconic singing style of Ian Brown with the edge and aggression in check.

40 years on and Wire still manage to sound exiting and innovative. The elder statesmen of left-field rock have still got it.

Terri Lee