Wolfjay – Together

Melbourne based Wolfjay is the first non-binary artist signed to Sleep Well Records. ‘Together’ is title song from the first three track EP.

‘Together’ celebrates the joy of being alone with someone and just pouring out your heart. “I just want to lie on the floor next to you” sings Wolfjay sounding like an upbeat Chris Martin, “….and tell me how they broke your heart.” The simple yet seldom act of letting go of reserve, letting go of ego and just connecting with someone  – communicating without limits or barriers.

The complex interplay of rhythms and synths bounce around with unexpurgated joy like blissed-out kids on a bouncy castle. The rock-guitar chorus soars pitching the positive emotion higher and higher with energy and elation.

Have a listen when you need to let go, when you need to believe in life’s possibilities; whenever you need a lift of spirits. It’s positively musical bliss.

Terri Lee

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