Wy – Pavements

The last we heard of Swedish duo Wy was with their perfect debut album ‘Okay’ back in 2017. So it was with great excitement when I heard 2019 was going to bring new music in to the world.

When I first heard the hard repetitive electronic beat that opens new single ‘Pavements’ I’ll admit I panicked. This wasn’t the sound of Wy that I fell in love with back in 2016. But my fears were allayed as soon as Ebba’s vocal came in and by the time the lush musical change of the chorus arrived I was wanting the song to never end!

‘Pavements’ is easily the ‘liveliest song Wy have released to date and it is perfectly served by the video that shows Ebba frantically shadowboxing as this is a song that feels like it’s fighting to come out on the other side. It’s a song full of energy and feeling that isn’t go to take any shit. And hopefully it’s a song that is going to make more people aware of just how amazing Michel & Ebba are.

It’s great to have Wy back!

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