Wy – Softie

Swedish duo Wy return from the wilderness, spiritually speaking, with a new album, ‘Softie’. The album title is a big two fingers up to those who would freely throw such accusations at anyone suffering from mental illness. For those who have suffered from depression, anxiety or bipolar know just how debilitating it can be, and how difficult the fight can be. ‘Softie’ is the celebration of the human spirit learning to cope and learning to grow: the delight in those days or moments when you are free; and the triumph of the soul when coming to terms with what it all means. Hope, it has been said, keeps all suffering in place, and this is not an album of head-in-the-sand emptiness but of maturing acceptance . The recognition of light and dark is what gives the album its scope and depth – and also its humanity.

The playfulness of shimmering melody contrast with grooves that range from languid wistfulness to upbeat energetic rock. Lyrically songs delve into moments of quiet introspection and enlightening profundity. Backdrops of heavily distorted guitars and atmospheric synths sweep over spacious backing vocals and drum-beats. Ebba’s vocals pierce the heart with a plaintive cry one moment and soar in a sublime semi-opera the next. “Are we still friends?” Ebba sings with heartbreaking anticipation on ‘New Dog’; on the title track “I’m trying harder!” – the impassioned zeal and aspiration simultaneously lift the spirit and put a tear in the eye.

Listening to Softie is inspiring, joyous, challenging, difficult and everything in between. When all considered it’s worth the effort – you may come out of it the other side just that little better. It’s an album to heal the pain and believe in a brighter future. Dig in, it’s worth it.

Softie is released April 30th by Hybris and Beatnik Creative and can be purchased here.

Wy play The Sunflower Lounge on June 4th. Tickets available here.


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