Wy – Softie

February 2019 has been very kind as it’s a month that has given us two singles releases by Wy. After returning from over a years absence with ‘Pavements’ just a few weeks ago, the Swedish duo of Ebba & Michel are back with the title track of their sophomore album ‘Softie’ which is due to reach your ears later this year.

After the heavier sound of ‘Pavements’, ‘Softie’ has more of a traditional Wy feel to it. It’s a song that could fit very easily on to either of 2016’s ‘Never Was’ EP or 2017 debut album Okay. If, like myself, you’ve been following Wy since the release of ‘In Bloom’ then ‘Softie’ is going to be the song that makes you ache to hear the new album. Everything that makes Wy special is there. The melancholic but beautiful uplifting music and the pure emotion of Ebba’s vocals. It’s perfection.

Hopefully 2019 is going to be the year Wy start getting a lot more known here in the UK. ‘Pavements’ has been getting air play on BBC 6 Music from Lauren Laverne and hopefully ‘Softie’ will do too. And that will be huge to attracting a new audience to Wy’s music. Take a listen to ‘Softie’ below and let Wy in to your heart.