Wy – Tired II

Today Swedish duo Wy return with Tired II, the third single from their forthcoming album ‘Softie’ that is out on April 30th and available to order here.

A little world weary – they’ve had their fair share of woes and struggles of late as singer Ebba explains when talking about the video made to accompany the song that you can see below…

“We filmed the video during the fall and winter of last year, which was a really tough time for both of us. I had a job that was killing me, we broke up with our current record label, we fought with our friends, we were forced to leave our apartment and cancel our tour. It was just a lot at the same time. We came up with the idea because we wanted to balance out the drama of the song with something simple and personal, and because of the circumstances the video became really important to us. I get very emotional when I watch it because to me this is the first time one of our videos is showing Michel how I see him, and how he sees me.”

Tired II is the very sound of the human spirit triumphing over adversity.  Sure your edges have been knocked off and you’ve been through the mill, but there’s no point crying into your Radiohead CD’s one more time, it’s time to pick yourself up and embrace the realities of life and deal with it the best way you can.

Ebba’s voice is raw, free, euphoric and unabashed. The textured layers of vocal, guitar and synth sweep and soar enveloping you in an almost aural embrace. The simple drum beat is like a march beat: one foot in front of the other, one thing at a time – you’ll get there. Even the last 20 seconds of distortion contains a rousing sense of jubilance.  Tremendous. Bring on the album!


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