Y!KES – Shadow Gallery

Midland four piece Y!KES have just released their latest single Shadow Gallery. The song is accompanied by a video which was certainly less provocative than their previous video for ‘Uncanny Valley’ which had a six foot bear tearing up the bars and towns of the West Midlands, but there is a brilliant nod and cameo by their ‘scary bear’ but more of that later.

Energy packed modern English rock with bags of introspection and reflection. “No one ever makes it out alive!” It’s both advice and encouragement: take the proverbial bull (life) by the horns while you can. Hard to argue with that. The track is certainly full of vigour and is three and half minutes of jangly guitar greatness. Though I have one bone to pick with the band lyrically – is drinking in the daytime the definition of a wasted youth? I suppose like everything context is required. 

The video is a fine piece of art in itself. In it the band time travel and morph from younger versions into older versions of themselves. There is a clever nod to their last video to ‘that scary six foot bear with the teeth’ but fortunately for those of a timid disposition, its only his head this time to act as a poignant reminder that being young and wild is never the reserve of only the current youthful generation.   

Play it when:

If you’re yearning for some reflection but you still need to rock out, or if you crave your rock and roll with a soul. The band is right, we won’t be getting out alive, but the least we can do is ensure the soundtrack is bloody decent so make sure you play this. LOUD!

John Frazer

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