Y!KES – The Y Factor

Hot on the tail of the release of their debut album, four piece Y!kes drop their latest single “The Y Factor” today.

Riding a wave of cymbal crashes, and taut, spiky guitar riffs it’s a hard rocking, trashy send up of the commercialisation of the music industry and a certain brand of ahem “talent” show… No prizes for guessing what the fun, if a little on the nose, video accompanying the release spoofs on.

The song itself is a neat slice of muscular early noughties style hard rock, with a vocal that owes more than a little to the American pop punk scene.

Snotty, sarcastic lyrics punctuated by “Wooaahhs” coalescing around the catchy chorus hook: “The Y Factor’s our new Dopamine”.

It comes complete with a cheesey 70s rawk style solo in the frantic run up to the final sing along chorus, and there’s a breathless, bratty energy to the track as a whole that’s not masked by a crisp, modern production.

Anyone pining for the good old days of Warped Tour summers and days hanging in the skate parks will have an absolute blast with this, but in a world where popular culture is increasingly turning its back on these vapid style of manufactured talent shows it comes across as shooting fish in a barrel with a double barrelled shot gun: no more subversive or clever than what it’s mocking, but probably a lot more fun.

Owen Huws