Y!KES – Uncanny Valley

Y!KES are a four piece from Birmingham and have just released their debut single ‘Uncanny Valley’ and unusually (for me at least), this song came with a video so it would be remiss of me not to dissect it along with the track.

First – the video. It is split between the band gurning majestically in full on ROCK mode playing together in Birmingham’s very own Rage Room, where yes you do get to literally smash up things and which fortunately the band do not disappoint and end the video doing this, I mean it would be an almost unforgiveable sin to waste such life affirming opportunity. The second part of the video is following a rather vicious acting and looking 6 foot fluffy teddy bear, who looks as if he got a set of one of the bands grandma’s false teeth in. The bear (not someone’s gran) takes it in turns to be the bands alter ego where we follow it around their everyday life reading the brilliantly named ‘Atrocity Express’ or just walking round those mean Lichfield streets and managing to pick a fight with quite a mean looking geezer at the pool table in legendary Birmingham rock pub Subside.

Next and most importantly of course, the track itself.  Y!KES deliver a blend of high energy new age pop rock full of gusto with this single ‘Uncanny Valley’, delivering an upbeat slab of fuzzy guitar which sounded like the despicably difficult middle child and bastard offspring of the Wildhearts, Mega City Four, a smidgen of Madness or even a pinch of the ‘ska funk’ of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones thrown into the pot to add that proverbial yet pertinent kick.  I appreciate that is quite a mix to digest but check them out, their sound is full of vigour and bounce and I’m sure if you can catch them on form at a live show, you’d be leaving with your ears ringing, your knees hurting and a ruddy great smile on your boat race.  If you want to do just that the band are playing locally at the Sunflower Lounge on the 21st March 2019.

Play it when;

This track has got ‘turn up to 11’ written through it like a piece of Blackpool rock, it literally demands (in the non-literal sense) to be played at any social occasion where enough alcohol has been consumed so that only the loudest, bounciest tracks will come near to quelling the thirst of ‘the crowd’.  Be warned though, you may want to avoid it when the hangover kicks in.

John Frazer