Y!KES – Visceral

Y!KES’ new track ‘Visceral’ isn’t messing around with the name- you’re going to feel this in your gut. Don’t be fooled by a jangly beach-pop introduction, this predictable indie initiation is simply acting as a veil to cloak what’s coming just a few seconds in.

What can only be described as the most vibrant of pop-rock, Visceral is something with a hell of a lot of gravitas for what it is. Rocky guitar riffs gone full electro propel this track into the realms of popular dance music, brought back down to earth by gruff, punky vocals that cut through the almost sickly cheerfulness of the track.

If songs could generate an aura, simply put, this track would radiate the brightest shades you could think of. Y!KES have constructed something poisonously positive, the blissful nature of the track infectious to any who are exposed to it. 

I’d recommend listening to this in a good mood, because, if you’re wanting to wallow in the negative for a while, Y!KES aren’t planning on letting you.

Abi Whistance